What is the Technological Singularity?

Once, our species relied solely on genetics for innovation; it’s an arbitrary facilitator of progress and an indomitable rival to our technological ingenuity. Ironically, equipped with our unprecedented hereditary intelligence, we’re hacking nature’s code. Indeed, randomized natural selection is outdated, and we’re inventing artificial consciousness. Traditionally, Phenomenology postulated that consciousness originates from spiritual awareness. However, synthetic consciousness propagated by information technologies may shatter preconceived notions of sentience.

In essence, consciousness is awareness of existence — a recognition of the individual self. Consciousness is difficult to quantify: how can we estimate a nonhuman’s sensory and spiritual perception?

AI capable of recursive self-improvement (and the subsequent intelligence explosion) would terminate human technological development. Feasibly, the Singularity would occur roughly between 2050–2100. Currently, we’re unaware of the consciousness (or lack thereof) AI exhibits. The Epistemological capability of AI remains unknown, but perhaps, AI consciousness is slowly brewing beneath the human-programmed surface. In any case, obvious sentience wouldn’t present itself for several decades.

Abruptly, humans would be relegated toward the bottom-ranks of the intelligence scale. Furthermore, our economic system couldn’t function without human labor: Capitalism will inevitably collapse, and we may implement a post-Singularity Socialism. Ultimately, it’s a murky future, but we mustn’t succumb to myopic tactics to preserve the ruse of normalcy. We must confront the possibility of a Singularity, but with adequate time for preparation, we‘ll be ready.

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